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Zatu Games

We have had an amazing review from Michael Wheatley at Zatu Games. We've included the overall score below and his concluding remarks. To see the full review, click here

Our review score from Zatu Games

Our review score from Zatu Games

Manipulate truly is extraordinary. What Walrus Ventures Ltd. have done with their game is provide a framework for players to run amok within. But even better, the game itself is surprisingly simple. Set-up takes only five minutes, with the board taking up little space compared to other games of its potential length. By trusting the players to embrace manipulation, the game succeeds in encouraging free thinking and improvisation.

In truth, I cannot remember having a more fun board gaming experience from the very first play-through in a long time. Manipulate asks ‘are you playing or being played?’. Having tested it multiple times I can now definitively answer. I am playing, and will be for a long time to come


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Manipulate uses some unique player incentives, alongside robust mechanics to tell a genuinely interesting story every game.


The Boardgamerbros, influencers, reviewers and photographers of modern board games were kind enough to play through our game a few months back now. To see the full review, click here


If you're looking for a new experience in modern boardgameing, with lots of awesome player interaction, this is for you!